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200 hrs |30 days

South Goa        

Our purpose


It is our dream of training extremely competent teachers, with a profound and deep knowledge of yoga. The chief motto of Satguru Yoga is to create skilled and compassionate yoga teachers that can spread the holistic benefits of yoga, and create a better humane society. We will be imparting knowledge for 200 Yoga Alliance Teacher Training courses from our Residential Centre in South Goa, India. Our 200 hours Teacher Training courses are Yoga Alliance registered, one-month intensive training certification courses that offer students the chance to get valid and conventional teaching from our expert Indian teachers.



At Satguru Yoga we intend to spread the true essence of Yoga and give space to the therapeutic and healing nature of the practice. Our aim is to impart the ancient knowledge in its depth allowing a deeper understanding to take place, within and without. Unlike other yoga schools, we do not offer a multi-style yoga program, which we believe would be like trying to teach a student to play a number of musical instruments in one month. Proficiency, consistency, and in-depth knowledge are the key essentials to develop a good understanding of a subject. Firm foundations and regular practice are key components to create a base, on which everything can grow.

 Our primary goals are:

-  to make our students understand and experience that yoga is not physical fitness, but a way of life. 

-- to incorporate spiritual development as it is the key to inner healing. 

- to improve peace of mind and well-being bringing life satisfaction and happiness.

- to set up standards for yoga teachers to help them develop themselves before going out to teach others. 

- to promote yoga in healing and especially helping people with health problems, and helping develop their health through the yoga methods of asanas, breathing, and mantras.

- to establish yoga teachers skilled in a therapeutic form of teaching enabling them to serve people with mental problems and treat ailments as well as their prevention. 

Dates & Prices


Prices: (incl. food and accommodation)

Single - 1500€

Sharing - 1200€

Only food, no accommodation - 1100€

Only course - 900€



Arrival will be a day prior to the course. Welcome tea with snacks at 5 pm, followed by assembling in the yoga hall with an introduction to the course, what to expect, and guidelines. We will end with a guided meditation and dinner.


At the end of the 30 days course, there will be a small ceremony and certification, followed by lunch. 

Check out is the next day.  


 Venue-  South Goa, Colomb, Brushwood Villa  

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In order to apply: send your motivation letter to 

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