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Yoga, Body, Geometry And The Figure 108

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

The geometry of how you form yourself – how you sit, stand, breathe, walk, and think attracts certain situations in your life – invited or uninvited. They’ll come anyway. There is an intricate science of how to be aligned with life, and if you get this geometry right, new perceptions will burst forth. 

If the geometry of your body is in alignment with the rest of the creation, you are in harmony with yourself, and tuned in with guiding energies from the higher realms. You create a rapport between you and the Universe and come under a flow of harmonious energies. In other words, you are in the vortex. 

It is like aligning the antenna of yourself to the Cosmos. Engineering yourself to realize your full potential to what it means to be human.

Yoga is a series of geometrical poses that help correct, balance, and slowly align you to the Higher. It brings the body into geometrical shapes, which activate and enhance certain energies in your body. There are energy systems in the body that get activated when you are in the right geometry of the body. The physical posture is about this gentle manipulation aligning the body in such a way that makes you aligned with the larger geometry of the creation. 

This brings you in sync with life, and helps you see everything around you in a newer deeper perception. It is like suddenly waking up, and seeing everything clearly. The whole system of yoga is about aligning your geometry with the larger cosmic geometry – in body, in thought, in speech, in energy, and in how you portray yourself to the world. 

All shapes and forms around you have a certain impact on you, because you are also in a physical form. The physical Universe is all about Geometry. The geometry of your form, aligned or not, invites certain things energetically, which manifest as situations whether you like it or not. Realign your geometry, and get this fundamental base correct. This will start improving your life. 

Your whole life, your opinions, ideas, experiences are based on the imprints of your life – they influence everything which is part of your world.  But the best position to place yourself is to look at everything afresh, possibly every moment of your life. How do we do this? By aligning ourselves anew. It is like the same story gets changed and slowly starts unfurling into something better. To do this properly, let go of all old judgemental situations, and be willing to look at life afresh. 

This may seem very difficult for everyone to understand. But tomorrow is to be created, not concretised. And looking at everything afresh in life, will free you from the past and help you create a new tomorrow. 

Yoga is not about fitness. That is just one aspect or consequence of it. The important thing is to get the right geometry of life, because the physical universe is all about geometry, starting from our body right up to the planetary system. Everything in the physical depends essentially on how perfectly geometrically aligned it is. 

Planet Earth goes around the Sun, just due to the perfection of geometry; otherwise it would go off. In the same way, if you are off your fundamental geometry, you will be off balance and incompetent to handle everything that happens in your life. 

Yoga is essentially understanding the aligning of your system with the cosmic geometry. In the yogic system we see the body as 72,000 nadis meeting in 114 junctions, which are chakras. Out of these 114, two are outside the body, 112 are inside the body. And there are about 4 which you don’t have to do anything about. If all the other chakras are working well they will flower by themselves. So there are only 108 chakras with which you can work. And 108 has become a significant number – whether in wearing beads, or chanting a mantra. They are all affecting your 108 chakras. Also, in the eastern philosophy 108 is a significant number because in the planetary system, based on the diameter of the sun, the distance from the sun and the Earth is 108 times. Based on the diameter of the Earth, the distance between the Earth and the Moon is 108 times.

People want only good things to happen to them, and sometimes avoid difficulties. But it doesn’t mean that problems will disappear when you’re geometrically aligned. They’ll still be there, you will just be able to see them better, and not get daunted by them. You see, problems come in life to create possibilities. When you avoid problems, you also avoid all possibilities of life, simply because you want to avoid difficulties.Only when you are geometrically in a certain state of congruence, then you are willing to go through any situations in life, no matter what it is. You face up to all your problems and go through them, if you have to, and like this you create better pathways. 

We are beings living on the Earth and we see the Sun and the Moon constantly. And we have 108 chakras in our body. So, of course we would be affected. And if we are geometrically aligned, there would be a very good affect upon us.  When you become aware of this, aligning yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and of course spiritually ( because we are the Spirit, the Spirit is us) you come into a conjunction with all that is life, starting from your center right up to the heavenly realms. It’s a very nice place to be, geometrically.

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