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The Power of Sound/ Mantras and their Power

The Power of Sound

Mantras are magickal sounds which create a vibration as you chant them. The vibration created works through the energy of the mantras. All mantras have meanings. All mantras have an effect The effect is created by the repetitive chant of the mantra.

The Power of the Chant

From time immemorial, all ancient spiritual forms have used the power of the chant. Whether it be pagan, occult, esoteric, or tantric, we have all heard and read stories of bygone days where chants were used by certain kind of people to create an ‘effect’, to induce a change. Even in childhood fairytales we have fables of them.

Mantras and its Effects

Mantras are usually Sanskrit sounds which have a deeper meaning. Most mantras embody the living energy of Gods and Goddesses and create a vibratory effect, caused by the repetitive chant of the mantra. For eg. ‘Om Namah Shivay’ is the mantra of the powerful god, Shiva, and Shiva is the destroyer of negativity. By the chanting of this mantra, you invoke the energy of this aspect of the mantra, which helps to remove the negativity in your life, or in your surroundings, as that is the power of t he mantra.

There are many mantras. I give you a few simple ones, as an example, if you are interested in mantras, or even curious enough to try.

‘OM SHRI GANESHAYA NAMAH’ – Mantra of Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles and delays.

‘OM AIM (aa-ee-m) SARASWATYAI NAMAH’ – Mantra of Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning and Wisdom

‘OM SHRI LAKSHMIYAI NAMAH’ – Mantra of Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance

Mantras are formidable, ancient, and they work. The word ‘mantra’ comes from the two Sanskrit words – ‘manas’ or ‘mind, and ‘trai’ meaning ‘to protect’ or ‘to free from’.

You could look at the meaning as – ‘to free from the mind’, a tool used by man to be free from the vagaries of the mind.

Or, You could interpret it as – ‘to use the mind, to protect or free oneself’

I like the second meaning better, because I believe, the mind is a very powerful instrument we have, which if used wisely can help us reach to our real self, to our best self, to our Higher Self.

We also have ‘seed mantras’. These are Sanskrit sounds which have no direct translation but which contain great power which can be ‘grown’, which is why they are called ‘seed mantras’. A Seed has a potentiality to grow. For eg, the mantra ‘Shreem’ is the seed sound of the Goddess Lakshmi, or you could say it is the ‘seed’ sound for the potentiality of abundance.

Repetitive chant could draw an energy within you where you find you are drawing abundance into your life. Abundance can mean anything, health, peace, good times, wealth, and a host of other kinds of abundance

Lastly, the intention of the person who is chanting, will also influence the effect of the chant.

And nothing beats, Faith. Without faith in what we are doing, we carry no conviction and even our intention lacks power.

Have faith, believe, and go on.

Sunita Singh

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