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  • Sunita Sigh

The Need Of Yoga

"To find that melody, to tune into yourself is what happens when you explore yoga."

The body needs exercise. It is what keeps the body healthy. Exercise increases cell activity, and the lack of it, makes the cells go old.

Yoga is one of the best ‘exercises’ that one can do for themselves. It keeps the body healthy, fit and pliable. It can be done by all ages, all weathers, and any place. It requires just a space a bit larger than your body, and the only real ‘equipment’ you need is a mat. The rest are just mere tools and not really important to do yoga.

Yoga is just between you and your body, which encompasses yourself and your mind. The mat is the space you occupy for this purpose.

It is a systematic form, trusted to keep each and every part of your body or bodies in good health. By the way, do you know that we all have Ten Bodies.

So, what are the Ten Bodies?

More than dealing with the physical body, and more than dealing with the trinity of mind, body and spirit, yogic science deals with the myriad of all the complex, subtle skein of energies that mould us as human beings.Yoga works with the 10 bodies or energy states are – the physical, the spiritual, the three kinds of mental (positive, negative, and neutral) the arcline and auric body (both electromagnetic), and the subtle, pranic, and the radiant bodies. The relationship of these “bodies,” both to themselves and to each other is bonded by several flows of energies. All of which when moving in harmony with each other create the beautiful ‘melody’ that you are.

To find that melody, to tune into yourself, is what happens when you explore yoga.
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