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Simple Spiritual Practice Ideas

A few simple sadhanas that you could practice everyday for 11, 21 or 30 days

Sadhanas are spiritual self practices done to attain something in life. It can be physical, mental, or spiritual, a goal, or an achievement.

Sadhana is a daily discipline, and applies the body, mind and spirit, towards a certain goal, and the whole act is spiritual by nature. It is done for a sustained period of time, for eg. 21 days, 40 days, or a few months, by the power of which, you are able to raise yourself from where you are now, to where you would like to be. It helps us accomplish something that we aim for. Sadhanas are usually considered spiritual because there is something about surrendering yourself to the higher, with no aim of the fruit in mind, just the simple act of ‘doing’.

A musician who sits down to a daily practice is doing a Sadhana. An artist who paints everyday is doing a Sadhana. A person taking up a yogic practice and doing it daily is a Sadhana. Someone sitting down everyday to meditate on something, is a Sadhana. A daily Prayer to the Higher, is a Sadhana.

There is an aim, a wish, desire, and the whole practice is done with an intention, awareness and discipline. By the simple act of doing it everyday, you begin to create changes within you and around you, that allows what you are aiming for to manifest. How it will manifest, you don’t know. But the simple steadfast way of just doing it everyday allows something to take place within you, and draws what you want, need or desire. It also changes You. You are no longer the person who started the process. The journey brings in changes, and as it is spiritual by nature, the changes that come within you make you a better person. A stronger person. Sadhanas are very beautiful and they bring beauty and grace in your life. They are very cleansing by nature. They help us achieve.

A few simple sadhanas that you could practice everyday for 11, 21 or 30 days

  • Start your day with an intention of gratitude and accept the day as it comes, doing your best. Let your whole morning move in a state of thankfulness.

  • Write down a To-do list and aim to complete most of what you’d like to do that day.

  • A very good sadhana would be to spend your whole day not complaining, but appreciating, and making it a daily habit.

  • Sitting down in silence for 10 mts, deep breathing in calmness.

  • Doing a regular yoga practice for an hour.

  • Staying away from your phone and social media every morning.

The list is endless, as you can see. Anything can become a sadhana, and by doing it everyday, you will create a spiritual anchor in your life. And build discipline! One thing I must add is – Going on a diet is not a sadhana. However, the benefit of good healthy food is parallel to a good healthy body and mind!

There are also some very good Kundalini Yoga Meditation kriyas, which can be taken as a self practice for 40 days, at the end of which some wonderful, definite results would’ve taken place. One thing I’d like to add is it is important to simply accept your very best efforts on this without demanding any sort of special response from the Universe.

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