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How To Meditate?

Meditation or quieting the mind is a way to attain a deep honesty with yourself, to let go of your preconceptions and constricting self-criticisms, so that you can release your energies and your creativity. As you listen to your intuitions instead of the voices of society, you will begin to notice that your higher self can take command, and that you are on an exciting journey of an irresistible lifetime of evolution. To deny it is to choose sickness over health. To practice and to do is to take the first step in affirming your True Being.

Meditation, is not something you do passively in a closet or corner: it is a way of bringing greater awareness, responsibility, and harmony to one's life.

You can be guided but not taught. Nor can you follow a teacher, or an authority-and not even by doing the exercises written here as they are offered. Instead, you are the creative, active one in charge. You must judge for yourself. If you listen carefully to yourself, your own mind will take command, and your own higher intelligence will guide you and help you get going on your way. You are free to change the exercises offered to fit you better, or use the information here to design your own. Okay, so how do we meditate?

Meditation is an act of sitting still with the physical body and going quiet in the mind. The link between the two is your breath.

Deep breathing is an effective way of calming the energies, and coming out of the worried, active, stressed mind to a relaxed, stable and secure mind. One very nice way to start meditating is to just sit still every day for 15 minutes, breathing long and deep into oneself. The body and especially the brain gets oxygenated. And the mind gets rest. Do this every day for a week. You can also play some very nice harmonious music. And, slowly and surely the mind becomes still, more quiet. For this meditation to be more effective, try listening to your breathing!

On week two, consciously let the mind think only of pleasant thoughts. Your body has got used to sitting still, and now is the time to slowly take hold of the steers of your mind, and guide them on pleasant waters – your thoughts. This helps the mind to come into more positive states, which helps influence your thoughts. For no meditation can ever be successful if the mind still dwells on the negative and is a slave to it. The thoughts are the food which you furnish your mind that determines the whole character of your life. You must not under any circumstances allow your mind to dwell on thoughts that is not positive, constructive, optimistic and life giving.

From the 3rd week, we move into the next step - meditating for an organised mind. An organised mind is very important. Having haphazard thoughts will get you nowhere. Just as they remain jumbled, they will keep your life jumbled. On the other hand, an organised mind will help you focus on a direction. First you have to draw all your attention to the one subject, whatever you need, want, or require in life - be it health, wealth, etc. Keep on repeating this for five to ten minutes. “Love” or “ Wisdom," "Life," “Divinity," but you must think it up with all your mind and continue to do so until you have taken it in its entirety. You must soak it In, and when you have got it, keep fast hold, and do not ever relinquish. If you want health, spend time meditating on health, affirming it, feeling it, and building this energy into your spirit. If you want to have success in business, then spend some time seeing it, visualising it, and meditating. If you want wealth, the same. All this, in good time shall draw all that you are meditating upon into your life. Instead of looking outwards for what you want, learn to look within, allowing your spirit to take charge

Then there is drawing the attention inwards, and filling yourself with love. This enhances and greatly strengthens your spirit. It is less interesting to draw all your attention inward, Unless, one is an ardent student of the occult. But if true progress in life is desired, it is absolutely necessary. For, if you could only love enough, you could become the most powerful person in the world. Love is of the highest energies. The truth is we all want love, and we don’t get enough love, and we don’t love enough, either.

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