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Affirmations can also be used as a Sadhana for a spiritual self practice. We all know what are affirmations. Simple words which are said quietly to oneself to create changes that one is seeking within and around.

How do Affirmations work?

There is a magic science in affirmations. By quietly repeating something to yourself, with faith, devotion, and trust, you somehow create a new energy within that is in tune with what you are seeking. Your vibration raises itself to match that what you wish/ want or desire, drawing it towards you. It works based on the law of attraction. What you are wishing for, you are quietly drawing into your life, through the power of affirmations. It is a science, based on the power of sound (words) and thought.

There are many many affirmations:

Each day in every way my life and health is getting better and better.
There is an abundance of good flowing into my life
Money is coming easily and effortlessly into my life
All good comes unto me as I live with faith and trust in the divine
I am strong, I am well, I am divine. All is life, and in my mind and thoughts dwells infinite life. I am making my future all along, and this future is perfection filled with happiness. God’s grace flows thru me, and is taking care of everything. I am thankful and grateful all along.

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