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Online Retreat


The changes you seek lie within you, and in your inner heart, you all know that these changes are important. But how do you make them happen by using the wisdom of yoga, pranayama, and meditation, you will open new doors within you. And come into a higher understanding of the laws of the universe, how they work, and how they will work for you if you practice them.

The Earth is going through tremendous changes, and the more we will strive for the changes within us, it will help raise our vibrations to match with that what we seek.

Everything comes from within, and requires effort and trying. And that can be a challenge. But remember, The universe loves effort and rewards us with what we put in.

What you will learn


How will Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation help make all this happen?


By the simple fact that Yoga helps align the body to draw in the Universal Energies. Pranayama or deep breathing is the essence of life that flows within us. We want to get this lifeforce flowing in its proper rhythm, and cleanse us from within. 

Meditation helps calm, clear, and relax the mind, allowing the mind to come into its higher states. From these higher states, we are able to make a connection with the universal forces. And this is when the magic begins.

Within this workshop, we will also learn and understand how these forces work, and why we need to connect to them. What are the ways? How can they be easily achieved? Because the gift lies within each one of us.

The style of Yoga practiced during this Retreat is a Tantric form of Hatha Yoga and is a combination of dynamic movement and deep breathing.

Create the changes you are looking for from within and let the Universe take care of the rest!



  • Two-hour class over three days

  • Online sessions will be held over Google Meet

  • Online sessions' timezone: IST, India (GMT+5:30)

  • Breathing exercises help relax and steady the mind

  • Dynamic movements with deep breathing to help energize and detoxify the body

  • Personalized classes that look into what you are wanting to manifest in your Life

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About the Teacher


Classes will be taught by Sunita Singh who offers her insight on this relation of mind, body, and spirit, and how its better understanding can help us grow into who we really are while we stay healthy and youthful. Through the regular practice of yoga and meditation

The classes will be a combination of yogic exercises, breathing practices, meditations, journaling, and interactive.

It is a wonderful opportunity to let go of the old unwanted patterns, and create new ones.

Join this workshop for the changes that you seek, as you strengthen your mind, body, and spirit.

Dates & Prices



Feel invited to start at any time you'd like. Send an e-mail to

100 EUR  for 6 sessions ( 16 EUR per class)

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Would you like to learn more? Send an e-mail to 

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