Sunita Singh
Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Sunita is a holistic yoga teacher who teaches a Tantric form of Hatha Yoga, which is therapeutic by nature. It works on our energy fields and as we all know everything is energy. She also teaches Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, and believes in its power to transform and transmute.

Yoga can be very cleansing and releasing process, where, and if practiced in the right way with the right attitude, can free oneself from the many heavy and karmic energies which most humans tend to carry within them. It can help lead you to a better life. It does keep you in good health and has the ability to raise you to your highest best qualities as a person and as a human being. It helps you get rid of fears and weaknesses. But, most importantly Yoga helps bring you onto your own path in life, and here starts a very beautiful journey. It is also your friend during tough and difficult times. Yoga is a way of life. And, Yoga is for everyone!


Sunita learned yoga in the ’90s from Swami Dhirendra Brahmachaari who taught a dynamic form of Yoga known as the Yoga of the Subtle body. Sunita is indebted to him for the beautiful yoga he taught and considers him as the supreme teacher of Yoga. She lives and works from Goa in the winters and the Himalayas in the summers.


About Swami Dhirendra Brahmachaari. He was instrumental in opening the door of yoga out to the public, as he maintained that yoga was for everyone, and was the only simple and spiritual form of life, beneficial to all mankind. He was the personal yoga teacher of Indira Gandhi, who went on to become the future and only female prime minister of India

In the late 60’s he taught breathing exercises to Russian astronauts and was a friend of Yogi Bhajan, who later founded Kundalini Yoga. 

What does yoga mean for me?

Yoga is the union between the Self and the Divine. It is a practice that works on the body, mind, and spirit. In essence, we are energy, who come into the Earth and take a physical manifestation of a body. We feel, emote, and relate. We have dreams, plans, and aspirations. Our body and mind help us to work towards them and to hopefully achieve them.

Yet, if it was just a question of eating, sleeping, earning a living and procreating, our world of wealth and comfort would fulfill the basic human need of being happy and finding meaning in life. Surprisingly, it is not so.

To live means a lot more than that, and every day we discover again and again that there is something more to life. And ‘that more’ makes us feel alive, not just merely living. 

Every one of us has its own journey. And in this journey, we should strive to become more humane, rather than just remain a mere human. The practice of yoga helps us find the source, from where our inner journey begins. Because from the inner the outer is created. It also helps us become a better human being and to cultivate qualities like compassion, empathy, and care. When all these begin to awaken inside us, life is not just about us, but also about the world around us.

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