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About the Retreat


Rejuvenating Yoga Retreat is a 15 or 28-day-long retreat that aims at staying strong and flexible through the most important years of your life. If you are in your 50s or above, and want to be fitter and healthier in your prime years, this retreat is right for you. Using a combination of yogic exercises, breathing practices, and mind techniques, we form a holistic program that enriches you mentally, physically, and emotionally. 


  • Bring in new changes in body, mind, and spirit

  • Learn ancient techniques that help enhance the life force

  • Create new lifestyle changes and healthier ways of living. 

Don’t look at aging as an end to youth, but a beginning to a new life. This is a 25-day Rejuvenating Retreat program, at the end of which, you will come out feeling healthier and looking fitter than before, in body, mind, and spirit.

What you will learn



You will learn how to build up flexibility and strength of muscle power through easy and accessible yogic exercises. You will increase your energy levels through breathing practices, and, as a consequence, draw the life energy into vital organs and the inner body. You will nurture your mind with simple and effective meditations that build mental strength and help calm the mind and promote good sleep. Last but not least, you'll gain a better understanding of your body, food you eat, and digestion. Growing older doesn’t mean a weaker you. Build your strengths to a stronger and radiant you!

Aim and Benefits




  • Can we escape ill health and deterioration of the body?

  • Can we free ourselves from self defeating precepts that makes us feel old?

  • Can we rejuvenate ourselves and retain our youth?

  • Does the ‘fountain of youth’ actually exist?

They say it does. It exists within us. With Yoga! With Mind Power! With the magic of Breath. How do we find it, and re-open this flow?

It will help you to:

  • Create a conscious understanding of your body and see yourself from a new perspective

  • Slow down the aging process and get into a healthier lifestyle

  • Improve your mind, body, and emotions by allowing yoga & meditation practices to change and inspire you

  • Get more out of life and use our prime years to become more of who we really are

  • Break free from limited mindsets and find peace within yourself 

  • Renew your spirit, balance emotions, and gain a new perspective on life

  • Learn to relax, restore and enjoy life

The retreat will be a wonderful time to help us let go of the old unwanted patterns, and create the new. Join this retreat for the changes that you seek, as you strengthen your mind, body and emotions.

Classes and Location








Classes during the Retreat will be a combination of yogic exercises, breathing practices, meditations, journaling, and interactive group sessions. You will also learn and practice the Art of Silence. The power of the mind grows when it is silent. A silent mind gives us the answers to what we need. Visualizations, Imagery and Powerful Self-talk are useful tools to help uplift us and bring us in the direction of where we would like to be. 

Classes will be taught by Sunita Singh who offers her insight on this relation of mind, body and spirit, and how its better understanding can help us grow into who we really are while we stay healthy and youthful. Through the regular practice of yoga and meditation

All classes will take place in the lush tropics of South Goa with the sun and sand, blue skies, warm seas, and fresh tropical fruits and lovely greens. Venue: Brushwood Villa

Daily Schedule


7.30 am – Silence (Sitting in the Silence regenerates the mind)

8.00 am – Pranayaam and Yogic Moving Asanas

10.00 am – Breakfast

11.30 am – Meditations and Contemplations

01.00 pm – Lunch and rest break

03.45 pm – Tea/coffee time

04.00 pm – Evening Yoga

05.00 pm – Five Tibetan Rites

05.30 pm – Beach Time

07.30 pm -  Evening Meditation

08.00 pm - Dinner

Yoga Healing Holiday 




Lower Back Pain 




The two major underlying causes for osteoporosis is the body’s inability to absorb calcium and minerals resulting in the loss of these vital nutrients for the good health of the bones and teeth. This leads to weakening of the bones and the increased susceptibility of bone breakage. Through a regular yoga practice, one can effectively promote the strengthening of the bones, as well as the surrounding muscles. A healthy diet of fruits and vegetables will bring more ‘live’ energy into your body. While yoga won't reverse bone damage brought about by osteoporosis, it can slow down its effect and can significantly help strengthen the bones.

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints amongst not just the elderly, but also the youth. Medication can just help relieve the pain for some time, but the best and healthiest way to strengthen the back is through a yoga practice. There are many effective yoga poses to treat and reduce back pain and be free of it forever. 

Arthritis is caused by poor bone and muscle health which creates disproportionate body structure and weight. Regular practice of yoga can help make the bones strong and bring more flexibility to the muscles. It also helps in bringing the body to its ideal body weight which is very important in the treatment and management of arthritis, osteoporosis and back pain.

Yoga helps to change your physical body, and these changes will bring out the best within you. This retreat, also called a Yoga Healing Holiday, includes relaxing walks on the beach at sunset and at sunrise. Allow the pristine beauty of nature to help nourish your mind and soul. Sit on the beach at sunset and watch the therapeutic waves and sounds of the sea soothe your inner being. Allow the lush nature and if you are a bird lover, you will certainly enjoy the varieties of the beautiful birds that you will see here.

Dates & Prices



1-28 February (1 Option: Join for 15 days 2. Option: Join for all 28 days )


Option 1- $1100 for single occupancy, $650 per person for twin sharing

Option 2-  $1800 for single, $1300 per person for twin sharing


Prices include: 

  • All the yoga, meditation, and therapy classes

  • Healthy vegetarian meals, tropical fruit Juices, and fresh salads 

  • Trip to Spice Farms 

  • Dolphin Ride ( a boat ride on the local ferry where u get to see dolphins riding the waves, plus a visit to two beach islands)

  • PDF format of  yoga and meditations for self-practice

  • Plus a book called The Science of Breath, written in 1905 with special breathing exercises.



  • Airport drop and pickup,

  • Wellness services

  • Private healing sessions

Would you like to learn more? Send an e-mail to 

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